Who We Are

ABK Advocates LLP is a full service medium sized law firm with offices in Nairobi and Bungoma counties in Kenya. The firm took over the operations of J.S Khakula and Company, a law firm that was registered in 1988 by its founding partner Mr. Julias S. Khakula when he decided to retire from active practice. ABK Advocates LLP handles both litigious and non-litigious work with proven competence; Dispute Resolution, Commercial & Corporate Law, Employment Law, Immigration Law, Conveyancing, Family Law, Legal Consultancies and general Legal Advisory Services.

The firm’s tag line is “agile, versatile and innovative” meaning that we go out of our way to make sure that we deliver beyond our clients’ expectations and we continuously innovate to improve our processes.

ABK Advocates LLP attaches a lot of value to people, family and relationships because this is the matrix that fosters business contiguity. We are, perhaps, the only law firm in Kenya that offers short holiday internship sessions dubbed “Wakili Kids” for school going children with the aim of getting them interested in the legal profession.

The firm is cognizant of the need to stay ahead in the field of Information Systems and Communication Technology in order to provide its clients with the best services possible. As a result, we constantly upgrade our IT systems to drive efficiency and innovation in the delivery of services to our clients. The advocates as well as the support staff are constantly trained in this regard.

ABK Advocates takes great pride in its affiliation with the Blue Company Project. As an accredited blue company, we conduct our operations within an environment free from corruption, while actively advocating for openness, honesty, and responsibility in all of our endeavors. Additionally, we are committed to upholding the fundamental principles of the project, which include integrity, bravery, collaboration, innovation, and professionalism.


To deliver professional services beyond our client’s expectations.


To be the leading legal service provider in Kenya and beyond.


Relationships:We value and build people.
Integrity: Credibility and accountability.
Professionalism: Keeping the promise.
Collaboration: Seeking synergies.
Innovation: Creativity in delivery.
Efficiency: Time and cost consciousness.

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